Friday, 27 November 2009

Postcards from my Great Blogging Friends ...

Two wonderful bloggers friends have sent me more wonderful Postcards. Such a surprise when I saw them on the mat! Especially as we had just arrived home from our holidays and I was missing my friends and France.

Juliets Balcony - Verona

This lovely card is from Rowena..Rubber Slippers in Italy. Rowena has a fantastic blog, not just about her life in Italy, but also about her life in Hawaii. With fantastic tales of travel, foods and recipes from home. Do call in and have a read, you will not be disappointed, she is a hoot!! :-

My other lovely postcard came from Switzerland. Her wonderful blog is From My Swiss Window with great stories and fantastic photos, of walks and life in Switzerland with her family. Pop over to her blog and see for yourself, you will surely want to be there..I know I would.
All the cards I have received are special, but what is amazing about these two is, that I was going to go back to Italy, but it was my husbands turn to choose the trip. Choices were Italy, France with friends, or Paris!!
He chose France with friends, which is great but where in France??...Right next to the Swiss border 10 minutes from Basel. And on our last day there, we were driving out, and he said where do you think we should go and I mentioned Jura, but we didn't know if we could in the time we had left so we went to Basel (Bale) for a walk around instead!!


  1. Best regards from Germany where I am for a 10 days trip!

  2. How lucky you are to find such great mail in your mailbox, Anne!!
    I too am thankful we met! Blog Land is a amazing place!!


  3. Nice to have you back, and with such a warm welcome for you!

  4. Bonjour Anne,

    Very nice ! The cards just keep on coming, don't they?! Your postman must think that you are a very popular lady :)

    I'm glad to have you back too !
    And looking forward to seeing your pics in due time.

    Bon weekend, chère Anne

  5. I didn't realize how excited you get when you receive postcards. If you email me your address, I'll send you one from Vancouver! :D

  6. Anne...

    We went to the wine convention today in Paris and I bought a bottle of Monbassic from Jura... I thought of you... All the bottles were white wine and sweet!!

  7. Pretty cards - and it was lovely to get yours from Switzerland yesterday. Thank you, Anne. xx

  8. Woohoo! You got it! I was a little bit concerned because I had sent off a bunch of postcards with my husband but neglected to tell him that out of the whole lot, ONE was supposed to be sent to the UK. I was worried that it may have required a different stamp other than those going out to the US. Glad that it got there!

  9. I am happy you got it! Bale is one of my favorite cities to visit...lots of great shops for window shoppers like us. The Christmas market is really nice too.


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