Sunday, 11 October 2009

The Home Blues!

A few weeks ago, I was tagged by Loulou of Chezloulou. The tag was linked to a game, where you had to go round your home and find "blue" objects, I thought this would be hard, til I looked closer, and they were right under my nose!!!

Loulou was able to open up the game and took her camera outside! Why not call into see her fabulous pictures, and read her blog, it is wonderful, with such a mixture of interests...BUT the biggest interest I would say is "her" love of "cheese"...Loulou has done great posts, about French cheeses, you could not get more of an honest description. Go on have a look and Enjoy, you might be tempted to change your cheese too!!

I won't be tagging anyone this time, but feel free to join is only a bit of fun, but it gets you thinking!!


  1. You have a BLUE mortar??!! Ohhhhh... I'm jealous! I love this one... I saw Betty had it up on her blog, as well...
    Hope you are enjoying the fin of your Sunday, Anne!!

    Hugs, Leese

  2. Ooooh love your "blues" around your house Anne! So nice!
    About M.Kate. Isn't she a special woman?

    Have a wonderful day bella!


  3. I've seen those blue tags go around blogs. I love your lights and the mortar bowl.
    Would you mind if I changed it to pink in support of Breast Cancer awareness Month?

  4. I am sat at Geoff's thinking i am sure I have nothing blue in my house.... I will check it out once i get home.... Love your blue glasses BTW x

  5. Loulou tagged me, too, and so far I have six items. I should probably go ahead and post 'em!


  6. I love those blue lights!
    Thanks for joining in! I knew you would have some interesting blues.

  7. I have some imitation bluebells which would pass this test.

  8. Love all the blues in your house!!


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