Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Bloggers Strike in Italy

People will gather in Rome Piazza Navona..in protest of a proposed bill on the Italian books which will limit the freedom of speech as it pertains to online voices within the Italian Internet...bloggers, twitterers (is that a word?), social network posters, etc. Thousands are expected to fill the piazza against this proposal wearing gags around their mouths.

You can read more here at The Olive Notes and here Roam 2 Rome

The bloggers I know writing about this are :-


  1. How do we show our support? I support!

  2. Hi Lucia, I should of worded it differently, so going to edit my post.

  3. Good of you to support the Italian bloggers.

  4. Thank you for letting me know this!
    I''m shocked to hear! I will visit links now~

  5. I hadn't even heard about this Anne. Hmmm...a good thing that I'm primarily into food and my dogs - no politics thank goodness!

    They'll never pass this bill, and even if they did does anyone really think that italians are going to obey the rules? Just look at the way they drive and you know that when in Italy, rules are made to be broken. Ha!

  6. I wonder if that means it will be on its way over here too!

  7. Hi, Anne. I want to show my support too. I didn't know about the strike till I saw it on twitter [Ciaoamalfi] this morning and I'd poated by then.


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