Wednesday, 6 May 2009

St Eustache....

Wherever we went we came across churches, they came in all sizes, but one thing was the same...they were all beautifully built and had stunning craftmanship. Inside and Out. We were in awe most of the time..sometimes we just sat and took it all in.

St Eustache was just one of the churches we visited, it was truly amazing..!

The Sculpture in the photo is called l'Ecoute by Henri de Miller...this is located in the square "Place René Cassin", just outside the church. This a popular area for people to take a break from their sightseeing tours, just to have a coffee, a sandwich or simply to rest the feet a bit. Long cement benches surround the square, and the lively atmosphere of this area makes it quite an enjoyable place to sit down for a few minutes.

In 1969, Paris’s ancient central market of Les Halles, having grown enormously, and congested, moved to Rungis, just on the outskirts of the city.

Les Halles dated back to at least 1183. St Eustache, where Louis XIV received his first communion, contains one of the most interesting and startling sculptures ever seen in a church: Raymond Mason’s ” Le départ des fruits et légumes du cœur de Paris, le 28 février 1969” (The Departure of Fruits and Vegetables from the Heart of Paris, February 28, 1969).

We had a brilliant day out, as usual, but this time we had to find our own way back. First time for problem..! Leesa had been with us just before our visit to the church, she had to head off to meet up with Alex to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Before we made our way home we had a walk up Rue Montorgueil, and a quick bite to eat in Caldo Freddo's, fantastic Paninis. Just right for us, as we were eating later...getting used to the French way of eating!


  1. wow, I've not heard of this church, but it looks that sculpture out front. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Now I understand. You took the photo leaning out of the window. I was actually looking for you 'in' one of the windows!
    I've never been to that Church either. I'll have to spend a longer time in Paris. Thanks for the tours!

  3. Erin and Scintilla

    My pleasure, I love sharing my journeys with you..I had not heard of that church before, in fact I had not heard about a lot of the places we visited.

    Oh yes I was "leaning" out of the window, little bit scary!!

  4. That looks very interesting, I have never been to that church although I have visited Paris several times.

  5. Great pics again - I'm glad you didn't fall out of the window!

  6. My daughter in law lives near Rue Montorguile and I am often on that street-one of my favorites. I've been to a concert in that church which was rather fantastic.

  7. Anne- I'll have to actually go inside St Eustache one day. Considering all these years that I just passed in front of it !

  8. Beautiful pictures. Churches are so great to visit- most are free and the architecture is stunning.


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