Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The sun came out - part two....

After visiting the amazing town of Alassio, we drove to Albenga.

Albenga is one of the Riviera di Ponente's most important cities. It owes if fame not only to its historic centre, but also to the mildness of its climate abd the fertility of the land.

The Cathedral which was rebuilt in the Middle Ages on the site on an early Christian basilica. This cathedral is dedicated to St Micheal.

Apse of the cathederal

The Baptistry is the only example of late Roman architecture left intact in Albenga. Built by the general Contanso in the early 5th century, the baptistry is the foremost Early Christian monument in Liguria.

Santa Maria in Fontibus. This church as medieval origins but was remodelled in 1600.

After a lovely meal of Spaghetti alla Vongole and pizza..we set of to another lovely town called Loano. Unfortunately my camera decided not to work, hopefully I will get back there for shopping and photos!! We walked the beach, and then settled on the rocks with the other people who were basking in the sun, or watching the fishermen!


  1. Anne I just remembered...if you stop by at Alassio again, they've got these specialty cookies called Baci d'Alassio....chocolate and hazelnut kisses!

  2. Here's a link to see what they look like: Baci d'Alassio

  3. Sounds like my kind of holiday. I haven't been to Alassio yet, but your pictures make me want to go.

  4. great photos and prose of Italy. Thanks for the tour :)

  5. Thanks everyone, trying to take lots and lots of photos..more to write about soon.

    Rowena - going back to Alassio tommorrow :-)

    Pleased everyone is enjoying the tour :-)

  6. Hi Anne,

    What a lovely getaway !!
    Oooh; how I would love to go back to Italy :))I have been to Italy twice,to Aosta, which is the mountanous area near the French border.But, I have not seen other regions.
    I enjoyed your photos too.
    Have fun !

  7. OMG!! Take me with you next time!! LOVELY!!!!!!! Must be great seeing the ocean! I really miss it!.. Take care and have a great time!

  8. You photos are just beautiful! I am so happy you had a great time there.

  9. Everyone should go to Alassio...

    Barbara - yes you should really try to get to Italy again, especially as you are in France..

    Leesa - You would be more than welcome on the trip :-)..I haven't seen the sea for years, living in the middle of England, when I saw how blue and clear it was..I was amazed.

    Pumpkin - Thank you, we are having a great time, lots more photos to put up, when we arrive home.


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