Saturday, 1 November 2008

Favourite Biscuits....

I just had to put this picture after I found a post about this tasty bicuit over on Our Juicy Life, who I discovered on Chez Loulou's blog.


  1. That’s speculaas!! We (not me...) eat a lot of it during this time of year. It’s a special treat during Sinterklaas-time! We also have it filled with almondpaste.

  2. Are they Speculaas or Speculoos???

    Just found this ...

    Hi nicolette, not sure I would like them filled..I like them just as they are..:-)

    Hi Phivo..pleased you like them as well!

  3. Hi Anne,

    Funny, I just looked up the recipe and sent it to Alisa (Notre Vie Jutieuse).. I'll send it to you! These cookies are super addictive!!!!

  4. missed you on facebook earlier, but just wanted to let you know I tried to respond. another time, maybe. :)

  5. these are my favorite...i'll be making my own with Leesa's receipe.

  6. If you ever need them, I can send them to you. They are available in all shops here.

  7. Leesa, didn't know we could make these..would they taste the same, they have such a special taste!! Would love the recipe still. Thanks.

    Leslie - thanks for letting me know, we will try again very soon! :-)

    Hi juicy life, thanks for calling in, hope they taste great.

    Scintilla - thank you so much, that would be great. :-)

  8. Thank you for the recommendation Anne!
    Biscuits make me HAPPY!!!
    Hope you are well.
    Sorry I haven't done the facebook much, I'm still learning whats going on in that department!!

  9. Hello Rochambeau...these biscuits are just so tasty..gingery, cinnamon..can't describe them really..

    Don't worry about Facebook, it can be quite difficult to grasp, especially as it has been changed.

    Hope you are well too..settling in ok. Take care xox

  10. I don't think I know this cookie (as we Americans call them)but I've had something similar. I will have to look for them next time I'm at the store.

  11. Hi linda..Hope you find them..once you tasted one you will want more..:-)

  12. Thank you for commenting about my son, who was bi-polar. You might look on the links on my blog, as the signs are all their on Dr. Ivan Goldburgs site; as well as links to the National Aliance for the Mentally ill, (NAMI) in America. If he goes through the manic highs..chances are thats what he has. It's too bad that once one becomes an adult, the relatives have no legal rights, unless (the US) you go to court to get Power of Atty. God is good Anne, he has healed me. My heart hurts though for so many others who are going through this still. I'll keep you in my prayers also. Thank you..Jan


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