Friday, 14 November 2008

Colletta di Castelbianco .....

is where we have come for our holidays...Colletta is a medieval hill-top village restored as an internet e-village. I have never seen anything like it is amazing.. Lots of little houses/apartments all built in together, with lots and lots of passages, steps and terraces..

Apart from the people who look after the place and a man I met who lives here, we are the only people staying here..and we are being looked after so well. Last night we had a meal in the restaurant , which incidently is down the steps and next door!!! Our meal was delicious, but I have never eaten so much in my life...and it was all meat. For starter I had venison..I thought it came with a salad, was a plate of thinly sliced venison in olive oil..then Primo was spagetti with a Rabbit sauce...but this turned out to be Hare..and secondo was Fillet steak in a berry sauce...yes you quess right...a fillet steak and that was it...but I can say, it was delicious..with wine, and then chocolates and coffee!!!


  1. Wow, what amazing hills and lovely photos. Sounds like an interesting village and fabulous dinner. Enjoy!

  2. I remember reading about this village a few years ago. Sounds a lot like my village now that we have reliable Internet access...of course we have slightly more (although not a lot more) people ;)



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