Sunday 23 November 2008

Birthday Meal in Colletta .....

Whilst on holiday it was my husbands birthday, so I decided to treat us to another meal in the restaurant in our village. We had eaten there on the second night of our hols, and what a meal it was!!! Only thing was, if we calculated the price in pounds it turned out to be quite expensive but oh so worth it!!

Now we could not of got a restaurant closer to us!! If you look at the picture above, you will see a little red door in the top left, up the steps, that is our apartment, and you will see the door on the right --- that was our restaurant, how brilliant is that.!!

The first meal we had was a "meat" feast, my husband loves his meat, I don't mind, but thought maybe fish this time. So I spoke to Dianos who was the barman, he spoke english quite well, and in turn he spoke to the chef Giorgio..all understood, very good. They also asked if I would like a special cake/tart, fine I said. Grazie, Arrivederci.

The evening of the 20th arrived, and we made our way down ..Ordered some wine, and chatted for a while. Whilst chatting though Dianos kept appearing with small containers with name it, small shrimps,huge prawns, crayfish, mullet, squid..A fantastic choice. Giorgio had gone out that afternoon, and bought the freshiest fish I have every seen..he was only feeding us!! We were amazed, even hubby decided to have fish as well. We were not disappointed, never had such a meal.

The plate on the bottom right is Mullet with Artichokes..(Carciofi in Italian)

Here is the tart that Girgio made a few hours before our meal..just for us!

A fantastic birthday meal and one we will never forget!

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  1. Don't you just love getting that kind of attention? How amazing that they went to all that trouble for you!

  2. At small restaurants in Italy, they will go out of their way to please you.
    What I love about the meal you had is that is seems to be simply prepared - no hiding the real flavour of the fish behind elaborate sauces.
    A happy (belated) birthday to your husband.

  3. Happy birthday to your significant other!

  4. Joanne - yes we were amazed at how much trouble they went too!! It was brilliant. It made it all the more special.

    Scintilla - So simply prepared, and the tastiest meal I have had for a while. I don't like sauces much anyway, so was pleased.

    Phivos - Thanks for visiting again.

  5. The fish looks wonderful ... and what a great way to spend a birthday :-)

  6. Looks delicious, very interested in where you stayed, it is on my list for next year. Certainly a good measure of limoncello which I am sure you all enjoyed.

  7. Sally it was the best fish I have ever tasted :-)

    ME - do you have a blog?? Thanks for visiting.

  8. Hi Anne,
    Isn't seafood from Ligura just the best! And not far to walk home after some good Italian wine right!!
    If you need some tips on Tuscany or any good restaurants here (I think you mentioned you were coming around here?) just let me know on email. Buon viaggio!

  9. mmmm! my mouth is watering! and yes, i could SO use some home made chicken soup about now. ugh! wishing you good health and a happy week friend!

  10. oops, forgot to say "happy birthday" to your sweetie!

  11. How lovely to have a special birthday meal. And is that limoncello I see as a digestive? Happy Birthday Mr Anne in Oxfordshire.

  12. This sounds just like a Welshcakes post. What a wonderful feast you had. It all sounds so wonderful.

  13. Monika - The seafood was just delightful, and yes not far too walk after the great Italian wine, we had Novello, which can only be opened from November 6th I think. Thanks I will email you when I think we are coming that way :-)

    Keeper of Chocolates - Hope you are feeling a lot better, the meal was sooo mouthwatering! yummy.

    Casalba - Such a special birthday meal and one of the best we have ever had! Oh yes that is Limoncello, had to be done!! :-)

    Ellee - Wonderful and tasty feast :-) Yes it is like a Welshcakes post but unfortunately WL cannot eat fish :-(

    We were soooo well looked after it was a delight!

  14. Birthday greetings to your husband !
    That is a special birthday !!

  15. What a special place that turned out to be-and how convenient. Sounds like you two had a fabulous time.

  16. Brilliant to have had the restaurant so near! And that tart looks great.

  17. That was a fantastic birthday. So lovely these ITalians, how they make you feel at home and special.


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