Monday, 20 October 2008

Big Thank You

to my friends who gave me support with my last post. All of your kind and thoughtful comments mean so much. I have removed it as I really don't like to have upsetting or stress related posts on here, it is meant to be cheerful..but sometimes you just have to put down how you are feeling!!


  1. oh anne, i do not know what could be troubling you, but i wish the very best for you. i know what you mean when you say your blog is kept sacred in a way for the very best of ones day, memories and life. i just wrote a little diddy about that :)

    hope you are doing well, and always know that your true blogger friends will be here, in good times and bad :)

    hugs my sweet friend across the big pond,

  2. anne, if you want to keep your blog a happy place for your own sake, it's OK but if it is for us readers, it's not! We like you in all ways and moods! Big hug!

  3. Hello Anne, sorry that you've been feeling stressed and hope you are feeling better now.
    I have left a reply to your comments re-MIL's on my site sorry about the late reply.

    Have you heard at all from Welshcakes? She e-mailed me to let me know about her 'tests' but I havn't heard or read anything since
    then. I am ever so worried about her. Dx

  4. Hey Anne,

    I do hope that things clear up... I know it's hard to have a heavy load on your shoulders... Anything you want to express how you are feeling.. You just go right ahead.... We are your support system!!!
    Big hugs to you!!!

  5. I missed your post but I do hope things are better. I usually don't post bad things on my blog either. I put something negative once about my husband and, wouldn't you know it, his ex read it and told his son.

  6. Thanks for the lovely flowers.
    I hope you’re doing better!

  7. I too missed your original post but am sorry you were feeling bad about something. We are all human and I am also learning about what the right amount is to post (or not). Hang in there and I always enjoy whatever you write.

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Thank you to everyone for commenting, it certainly makes my day. A pleasure to see everyone of you. Old and New.. Blogging not only opens up the world but gives us new friends.