Monday, 21 July 2008

New Experience...

Today I have got my little grandson Thomas coming to stay (if he will) for a few days. It will be a new experience for us all..He normally only comes here with his parents ..except the time when he was a baby but he got sick, so had to ask them to come and get him, and take him too the doctors, he had thrush, so he couldn't eat or drink milk properly, Oh my word, that was a nightmare, and my husband was away, actually that might of been a good thing, he couldn;t of coped!!!

My husband isn;t very good with children...doesn't know why they do certain things, or why they scream...etc, no we didn;t have any children..and he has only just got back from Germany last night, so he will be a bundle of laughs.. :-)Oh and the cat will be put out, he normally has the run of the house, he can;t stand any changes...or other people in his house...Who does that remind me of..:-)

He has a little sister, Lily, but no way could I cope with two of them...well not heres to an eventful few days.

Hope you all have a great week :-)

UPDATE....All went well, Little Thomas as gone home now...we had a great time..He had a fantastic time, he had his own space and me time away from his little sister who is 18 months old and just doesn;t leave him or his things alone.


  1. Hello Anne: This is my very first visit to your site and I am enjoying it. I don't know why I havn't visited you before! I have read your comments on Welshcakes site, which I also enjoy reading.

    You didn't say how old Thomas is?
    We looked after our first Grandaughter Molly when she was 15months old, for 10 days, whilst her parents went to St Lucia to get married,(second marriage for them both, so they wanted a low key affair).
    It was really hard work but very rewarding. Particularly to be smothered in kisses at 6am each morning.

    I must confess I was counting the days after a week because we were both exhausted..Oh the things we do for love!
    Molly is 4yrs old now and a delightful little girl, she has a brother called Freddie who is 2yrs.
    We have another little Grandaughter called Olivia who is 2yrs. old.
    She will have a new baby brother or sister next April...We're surrounded by babies....It's wonderful.
    Crikey ...I'd better stop now...too much information! But I am very proud of them all as I'm sure you must be of your Grandchildren!

    Have a wonderful time with Thomas.


  2. Hope all goes well with Thomas.

    Our nephew just left after a 2 week stay, but he's 15 - that's a whole different story!

  3. Hi Trubes thanks for visiting..Great that you came over from Welshcakes site. well first hurdle over, he was very good. Mum and sister have gone home!! Oh Thomas is 3 and a bit, but very he likes to be around his mum dad and sister lily...I have an older grandson of 5 but don't see much of him , he live in Scotland with his eldest son is his dad...and then we are due another one in November.My eldest son got married last year..I love them all, but have had a hard time taking on board this nanny lark...not quite ready for it!! :-)

    Hi Casalba...yes that is a whole different story..I could take them to the formula one races if they were that age :-) Thomas is doing well so far..thanks for support.

  4. Hi Anne... dont envy you at all :-)

  5. I'm expecting my FOUR grandsons for several weeks in August. At first it is overwhelming and I do an awful lot of cooking and dishwashing but they are all so entertaining. Get some fun books, some art projects and kids videos and you will be set. Mine like to take walks too. Grandparenting is a special thing-you will love it.

  6. Have a fun sleepover Grandma!!

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  8. Hi Linda...what ages are your grandsons..How do you manage for at a time...My mum used to and one time she took 5...I am not like least Thomas likes walking...

    Hi my Melange..I am not ready to be called Grandma!!!!! :-( That is what old people are called..well the ones that I know are :-)

  9. Oh Anne! You'd have a friend forever if you did that (and his uncle would be jealous forever).

    However, you'd have some rivalry there - they both support Ferrari. Dan watches the pre-trials as well as the race itself.

  10. The most i love about babies is the evening blues, i like to listen peacefully to that song (ouiiiin ouin)!

  11. Hope you're having fun with Thomas, Anne! I'm hoping to have 4 1/2 year old Noah for one night soon. I've set up my daughter's room as a guest room and I told him it is "his" room.

  12. Hi Casalba....could I take a Ferrari supporter???? oh yeah why not..:-)

    Hi Leslie...we had lots of fun...time for him to go home...he has been here for 4 nights now...that is a bit too long I think but his parents thought it was fine..Have fun with Noah :-)

  13. Hi Anne, found you via Leslie who is one of my blogging friends. There are lots of people here I know too!

    PS Yes Rossi is awesome. We saw himm in Assen!

  14. Thanks for the recipe Anne. Sounds delicious!

    I imagine that you had been very busy but it's nice to hear that everything went well. If only I were a grandma...I'm still waiting!

  15. I'll visit the Flanders, but unfortunately (I guess) I won't be able to visit Brussels.
    I'm going to move to low Piedmont, the city is called Novi Ligure, in the Southern province of's quite close to Liguria ;-)
    Have a nice Sunday, kisses, ciao!!

  16. Thanks again for the links, Anne! I'm glad to hear Thomas had a great time. My two little ones will be staying with their grandparents for a few days next week. They really put the pressure on for my husband and I to have kids because they wanted to take care of grandkids but now that there are two of them, they are reluctant to babysit. Oh well! I know how hard it can be to take care of two little terrors. But I guess that means the hubby and I have to hire a babysitter if we ever want to go out on a date.

  17. Dear Anne,
    SO GLAD IT ALL WENT WELL with Thomsd!! Really happy!

    So you know we do not have children. My husband says things like your husband, but deep down (for short periods of time), he is delighted!!!

    Thanks for your visit.
    You brightened my day!

  18. Just realized I misspelled Thomas. Sorry!

  19. How much fun to have time with grandbabies! I can imagine that will be a lovely experience!

    Happy night,

  20. Hi Anne, have you recovered yet? lol

  21. Hi Anne,
    I'm so very glad that everything went well. You see, sometimes in life we have apprenhensions, but when we jump in, things go just fine.
    Maybe, this my incite you both to take in Thomas more often!

    Have a nice Sunday.


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