Sunday, 27 April 2008

Today Sunday 27th April 2008.....

my friend Sarah abseilled down the side of the John Radcliffes Women's Centre to raise money for the new Cancer Centre which is built on the Churchill site. Lots of people took part...sorry not here are a few photos. WELL DONE SARAH.


  1. Gee, I'm impressed! But I would have been standing with you, Anne, watching the lot of them.

  2. I love abseiling! And especially for a good cause! BTW I wanted to thank you for posting about the GTG in Florence. If it wasnt for your post I would have missed it!

  3. Me oh my, I'd be scared out of my wits!!!

    Good for your friend, what a brave woman!

    Happy week!



  4. Thanks Leslie, Nikinpos and Melissa...Sarah was very brave..but now I think I should of done it with her...or at least tried.

    Happy Week to you all! xox

  5. I'll do anything to help breast cancer research.. except risk my own life. So kudos to your friend.

  6. Abseiling is another of those things, like parachuting, that i think would be lovely to do but far too terrifying to try. Well done to your friend!

  7. Hi f.o.t , Liz and WL...yes Sarah was very brave, but she loved it!!!


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