Monday 7 April 2008

I am so annoyed......

with myself. A few days ago I read someones blog, and they had posted a recipe for a Baked Risotto....and I forgot to save it. And NOW I can;t find it.

How dumb of me not to add to my if anyone remembers doing this post or you know who it is , would you pleased let me know. Thank You :-)

UPDATE...I have found it...on Chez Loulou's blog. :-), it is now safely filed in my favourites.


  1. Hi Anne,
    Thank you for your kind thoughts. Have you considered googling: baked risotto, blog and the date?? maybe, just maybe that might work.

    Thinking hopeful and delicious thoughts for you! ;-)


  2. Hi won't believe it I have found it:-) just this minute.

    Thanks for thinking delicious and hopeful thoughts

  3. I read this recipe jus the other day and was going to try it. First I need to buy some asparagus.

  4. whew, that was a close one ;)

  5. The number of times I've done that! (Lost a blog not made risotto!)

  6. ne i have never made risotto and this one is vegetarian too and looks delish so may try it out on Geoff :-)

  7. oopps got that wrong it has bacon it but i could always leave that out :-)

  8. Sally you could always put french beans or place of the bacon.

    Hi my melange, yes didn't take me long to find it..

    Hi Liz..I must remember to make a folder and put anything I find straight into it!!!

  9. Hi Linda...recipe is safe, and now need to get asparagus, and think when to make it...


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