Wednesday, 12 March 2008


Has anyone been to Venice lately. My son and his wife have just come back today, and they say it was the most expensive place they have ever been.

They said that it was really beautiful, they went to Piazza San Marco known as Saint Marks Square in English, and to the Cathedral but after that they were sort of lost with things to do...I do know that they walked and walked for miles :-. They had wanted to go on a gondola but it was going to cost around 110 pounds. I have just found this link and so it really does pay to do a lot of research before you go holiday.

Another thing they told me was they went out for a walk and decided to stop for a cup of tea, and that cost them 11 euro..that is around 8 or 9 pounds!!!! Hey whats that all about.

I do remember reading that someone from my blogroll went, but I can;t remember who??

Please do post a comment if you have been there or come from there.

Just wanted to add they are really pleased they went, but might not be doing it again, I think they have Florence in mind.


  1. Hi Anne! I just went there for Carnevale mid-Fed (also Allison from Life in the City of Flowers went a couple weekends ago I think)

    It is expensive, but luckily I've been able to do a lot of research and we stayed a weekend (during the super hi point of the festival) and spent 200euros TOTAL (room, food, boat taxis etc) for 2 of us. (No gondola ride, but I know a secret for those too :))

    Most people don't think it's possible - and it's hard if you're not used to knowing where to look for deals, etc. It also depends on your style of travel.

  2. Hi Erin...I thought it was you, I didn't read back far enough last night. Wow that is amazing and a festival weekend. Should of contacted you before they went. I don;t know how much they spent between Saturday and Wednesday, all I know that it was way way more than that.

  3. That's ridiculously expensive. I expect there are some cheap places around, you just need to find them.

  4. Hi Ellee, yes there are cheaper place and I know just the person now...Erin who has left a comment on here. If I was to go to Venice I would contact her.

  5. Yes, very expensive city. But you are paying for the privilege of just sitting there, watching the world go by, as well...

  6. Anne~ Not only have I been to Venice, and it is one of my favorite cities on earth, but I am a travel consultant and plan trips for folks that are headed to Italy(and France) :) I specialize in desgining trips for folks on a budget because it is and can get very expensive. Too bad I didn't know this sooner...I love to help travelers have the best experience, the dream...but not break the bank in the process. Let me know next time and I would gladly help!

  7. Hi My Melange...if only I had known about that before they were booking it. Just wondering if you know anything about Puglia. I have found a lovely place in Ostoni but don;t know anything about the area, we can only go on our holidays in November though. Would be grateful if you could give some information.

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