Saturday, 20 October 2007

Christmas came early -

I arrived home from work on Thursday evening, after a hard days work, and there were TWO packages for me....One from Austria...from was the lovely bag she made from her Japanese craft book. It was her birthday 5th August and she had such a lovely time that she wanted to give something away...Claudia put all the names of people that had left comments for that post and the winner was me!!

And then my other surprise package was from Welshcakes Limoncello...lovely things from Sicily. Thank you so was a very lovely surprise.

Condimento per Spaghetti

Sapone artigianale al cioccolato di Modica

Bomboniere di Marzapane

I will enjoy all of these...Thank you so much to both of you.


Thank you to everyone for commenting, it certainly makes my day. A pleasure to see everyone of you. Old and New.. Blogging not only opens up the world but gives us new friends.