Sunday, 15 April 2007

Books I Read

I am an avid reader,and I really love my Chick Lit, but I do read other books especially travel books.
But at the end of the day I like nothing better than to get stuck into a book that takes me off somewhere else!!


  1. we have shared many books over the years posting them back and forward.....

  2. JT is excellent, I've read every one of hers, Anne. What makes a good book for me is forget-myself-ability - if it doesn't do that for me, I fidget and take too long to get into it. I "allow" myself to give up these days.

  3. Hi Anne, thanks for visiting me - do you mean The Friday Night Knitting Club? I'd say a bit chatty and observant like Maeve Binchy but set in New York. Universal in its theme. Enjoying it a lot so far as needed easy escapism without being too fluffy. Hope that helps a bit.


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