Tuesday, 31 January 2017

A lovely Surprise Postcard from .............

 My lovely friend ..
Diane in Liverpool .
A wonderful SURPRISE!!
Also a big  thank you to her husband Ian ,
who chose the card..
Diane has a fabulous blog, she is such a great writer
and I am sure you will enjoy reading it.
She belongs to a group called ABCW, where they have to
write about a subject, place or anything to do with
the letter of the week, maybe month.
Go over and have a read ♥
I have tried to identify the buildings and link to them
but came a bit stuck on the Web.
Hopefully Diane will help me out.♥
Liverpool ..
is a maritime city in northwest England, where the River Mersey meets the Irish Sea. A key trade and migration port from the 18th to the early 20th centuries, it's also, famously, the hometown of The Beatles. Ferries cruise the waterfront, where the iconic mercantile buildings known as the "Three Graces" – Royal Liver Building, Cunard Building and Port of Liverpool Building
stand on the Pier Head.

I will do more Postcard posts when I am settled.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Hello and Happy New Year ...2017

I would like to wish
All my friends
a Very
Happy New Year.
I have been away from the Blog world for nearly a year now.  Most of my friends will know what has been happening since then.  Last night I had a rough nights sleep. All I could think about was my blog , which was strange. I felt like I had to write there and then but it was very late.  I didn't want it to be a sad post.  People shy away from posts like this but it is so important to talk. To share and be truthful.  Why are we afraid of opening up? Are we scared of what people will say or how they will react?  No one knows what is going to happen to them, where life will take them. We all need support.
July 2015
My husband left me.
He has moved on, life with his
Vietnamese partner ( who he brought over from Vietnam)
, had a baby too.
I suffered with severe depression for
a few months, and thankfully
I have recovered.
Divorce proceedings started
and I had to put my house on
the market.. sadly.
We still aren't divorced and the house has sold.
In March I have to move out.
So now I have to find somewhere to live
and a job to support myself.
I have had lots of super support from friends far and wide,
bloggers who are my Face book friends.
I did a lot of thinking too. How my life has changed.
People say to me
"things happen for  a reason"
"Think what you can do, all that freedom"
"It is going to be a year for you to move forward"
When you are alone, we think too much.
All I have had to think about in the year is
Where am I going to live?
A very hard decision, especially when you don't know
what your financial situation is going to be.
People say
"Where do you want to be?"
Another hard choice, considering I have only
moved to where my husband's work took him.  
I have a very caring family, sons and grandchildren.
who have helped me enormously.
Super friends too.
During my Depression
I avoided all Social Media, even my phone.
I was so lost. And if it wasn't for a dear cousin
 in South Africa, who told me ..
GO back onto FB , it is a life saver, I
don't know where I would be!!
So a Big Thank you to her .
Last night I also thought of a lovely friend
 I once had. She is in France. And for a few reasons
we are no longer friends.. I miss her.
She might read this, she might not,
but I am sure if she does, she knows who
I am talking about.
We have to pluck up the courage to
open up and be truthful to ourselves.
Ask for help, share our thoughts and feelings.
Don't be afraid. What can happen?
People will either listen or turn away.
Up to them.
So now at the age of 60 (last year) , I have
to face a lot of changes on my own, It can be
a lonely life. I know I have family and friends,
but it just isn't easy being alone after all those years together.
I really hope to get back to blogging when
I have moved and settled down.
Where life will take me, who knows.
I also thought a lot about my dad ..
my wonderful dad who was so
cruelly taken from us to early.
50 years ago, next month.
I was 10 and he was 40.
WE missed out on so much.
I hope everyone understands why I have written this post.
Thank you for reading. 
I hope someone does read it.
But for me it had to be done.
Thinking of you all and a HUGE big thank you
to everyone who has been  and is there for me.
I would of put some pictures in the post, but unfortunately
I cannot get my phone to synch with my laptop :-(