Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Gallo Roman Baths Chassenon. France - Dreamin of France

Sorry to have been away so long and
thank you for all you fabulous comments,
great to know I still have readers. 
It is now 5 months since my visit to
Diane and Nigel in France. (unbelievable!!)
 Work, family
and computer problems have taken up
a lot of my time.
I have not finished with blogging , just taking my time.
This is not always a good idea as  you lose readers.
I hope you are still out there.
If you are in this area and would like
a very interesting trip out , I would
highly recommend it. 

After visiting the baths you can take a walk on around the paths which are numbered.
So much to see!!

Cassinomagus was an ancient Gallo-Roman town and you can visit one of the best preserved baths in Roman Gaul. It  was only recently that the 2000 year old archaeological remains were discovered near the sleepy little village of Chassenon.

The baths  are amongst the best in the Western Roman Empire making Cassinomagus a major Roman archaeological site in France but also of European importance.


I haven't given you all the history obviously, so much to learn.
Found this interesting site putting the history into a

There are also gardens to walk around , with unusual plants and
Inventions from the past.

A great place to visit if you are in this area
Unfortunately it is now not open to the public until Spring 2015.
Info on this link
Hope you are still interested , sorry if I have been so out of touch!!
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