Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Something very different to see in Oxford .....

Havana House
Cigar Merchants
Gifts for men.

I was having a stroll
in Oxford after visiting friends
and was just passing..
thought what an
unusual shop.

Pipes, Cigars and Shaving brushes!!

 There were lots of displays of shaving brushes and stands ,, too many to photographer !

These cigars are kept in a Humidor.

A humidor is any kind of box or room with constant humidity,
used to store cigars, cigarettes, or pipe tobacco.

Anyone like to go to a Pipe Event..
there must be lots of Pipe smokers out there!

Strange but interesting.. there were some people in the
shop,, they must of thought me very odd, taking photos
of the items!!

Happy Halloween ..........

Scary  Dracula  Aidan

on his way to the school disco
the other evening.

I am sure he had a fabulous time!!!!!


Monday, 29 October 2012

Our artist Aidan .. and his ceramic painting.

As it is Halloween
I thought I would show you
our artist at work.

Aidan is our eldest grandson
and he loves to paint.

Whilst I was visiting him in Cupar
(yes I have more blogging to do)
We went out for a few hours
to the local Ceramic shop/cafe/play area.

I had intended the trip to be for him to make
something for himself .. BUT he is so caring
he made it for me.
He said to me "Nanny I have a present for you,
but I cannot give it to you yet"
Ok I said.
We went back to collect his artwork and he turned
to me and said "this is for you Nanny! 
Now it is on my windowsill!!

LOVE IT.. Thank you Aidan, xxxx

Friday, 26 October 2012

Love these sweets and the tiny tins ......

From the fantastic sweet shop in Oxford.....

They sell sweets from all over Europe .....
Italy, Norway, Belguim, France and many more.
Chocolate, Nougat, Liquorice.
Must not forget the English pick and mix .
There are  jars and jars of assorted sweets too!! 

Enjoy!! ♥♥♥

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Continueing 7th September with Leslie .....

After we met at the station
 we had a coffee and  a real chat :-)
 Yep I am sure you can imagine..
we could of chatted for along time,
but we had to move on!!!

I came across a new place...
The old Firestation ..
which is now a fabulous
Gift shop, Art Gallery and a Cafe.

It is also the Crisis Skylight Oxford Centre.
of accredited and non-accredited learning opportunities
in art, music, drama, literacy, numeracy, IT and ESOL to
people who are homeless or vulnerably housed.

A little collage from the gift shop ....
 I always find something connected to Paris :-)
(second picture down on the right)

We didn't stop for coffee here but it looked good, and I have
since been back with my friend Caroline and it was delicious.

Moving on, we visited

After here we headed for

Christ Church  is one of the largest constituent colleges of the University of Oxford in England. As well as being a college, Christ Church is also the cathedral church of the diocese of Oxford, namely Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford.
Here is Leslie in the gardens.

and the Spire

Leslie over at The Pedalogue has a new post today

All about the day through her eyes and camera !!!
Please go and have a read it is brilliant.


Saturday, 20 October 2012

Where shall I Begin …..

I know I will start here …
7th September  about 11 am ..
in Oxford

The day I met
Leslie from Vancouver

Her blog  The  Pedalogue  is brilliant  , great photos and so much to read !!
Take a look for yourselves , you will not be disappointed.
Here is Leslie as she comes through the barrier at
Oxford Railway Station
OUR first time in meeting  -  !!!

We have been following each others blogs for
quite a few years now, we finally got to meet for

I took her  on one of my tours of  Oxford ,
had a fab day, lots of chat , coffee, lunch and dinner !!!

I have taken  two others on the same route,  Dawn and  Diane ,  unfortunately when
Leesa and Barbara came over,
 the weather was not kind to us.  Next time !!

More to come on this day out  with more photos!!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Small Feet .....

Our eldest grandson Aidan, age 9...
finds my feet very amusing !!

He cannot get over how small they are.

So just before I left Scotland, he said
Nanny lets have our photo taken together.
Ok, I said ,,,, YES.... here it came ...

We had to have each others boots on ..
Well one of each ..LOL ..

Yep, he has one of my boots on too !!!