Wednesday, 31 May 2017

In my friend's garden ...

Today I went to see
my friend Sarah .
She shares a garden with her
mum , and her mum is a very keen gardener.
I took a few photos ..
Saw this Fig Tree before I got to Sarah's.
I have seen it every year but never when ripe!

A very colourful flower bed ...

A beautiful tree...

And this sign I saw in Sarah's Potting Shed ..
She is a Potter and teaches Pottery ..

Monday, 29 May 2017

A Wood Walk with Grandson in Scotland...

My Grandson Aidan age 13
asked me to go for a walk with him in
the woods.

So we went up to

Ceres Woods

not far from his home/..

It was quite a climb ...
Don't worry Nanny We are right behind you.
(he brought a friend) 

Aidan is becoming quite a photographer .. !!


Proof I was on the Walk ...


Overlooking Cupar in Fife..

I have never seen Ferns unfolding. quite amazing.

Twinned with Sainte Menehould - France


Monday, 22 May 2017

Scotland 2017 ... This time we go to.......

Broughty Ferry

 is a suburb in Dundee, Scotland. It is situated four miles east of the city centre on the north bank of the Firth of Tay. The area was a separate burgh from 1864 until 1913,
when it was incorporated into Dundee.
Formerly a prosperous fishing and whaling village, in the 19th century Broughty Ferry became a haven for wealthy jute barons, who built their luxury villas in the suburb. As a result, Broughty Ferry was referred to at the time as the "richest square mile in Europe".

We first took a walk in
Broughty Ferry's Nature reserve ..

I wondered why someone would have a
"Desperate Dan "
in their window ...
and was told why ..
Desperate Dan - possibly the most famous comic character of all time -
 has been immortalised in Dundee, the city of his "birth".
(click on the link and read about Desperate Dan) 

 A strange wood carving ,,

Then to the Beach ....

 Taken by Aidan ..


Established in 1830, Broughty Ferry was the first inshore lifeboat station in Scotland. During the station’s remarkable history of lifesaving, the crews have been awarded seven medals for gallantry.


Fish and chips, eaten near the sea
with the winds and the Seagull...

The others were eating in the car ,
but I wanted to eat near the waters edge..
this Seagull would not leave me alone ..

The Whale/ Shark  Knocker

Seen in an Art shop
Anyone remember or heard of the Broons?

The Broons is a comic strip in Scots published in the weekly Scottish newspaper The Sunday Post. It features the Brown family, who live in a tenement flat at 10 Glebe Street in the fictional Scottish town of Auchentogle or Auchenshoogle

Desperate Dan ..

Back to the Beach ..

Art on the beach ..

A very unusual Sea Weed

A fossilized plant and pebble..

 is a historic castle on the banks of the river Tay in Broughty Ferry, Dundee, Scotland. It was completed around 1495, although the site was earlier fortified in 1454 when George Douglas, 4th Earl of Angus received permission to build on the site. His son Archibald Douglas, 5th Earl of Angus was coerced into ceding the castle to the crown. The main tower house forming the centre of the castle with four floors was built by Andrew, 2nd Lord Gray who was granted the castle in 1490.

The Beaches are lovely and sandy. So great to have a walk and do
some searching for different pebbles and even Sea Glass.
Nature reserve was great too but the town was a bit of a let down.
Except for the Italian café/Gelato/shop ..
Gelato was super and so was the Cannoli..mmmm.
We could only find ONE fish and chip shop. Didn't open until 4pm .
Whilst the food was tasty , the customer service was bit dire.
They didn't smile or that welcoming either.
We still  had